Friday, February 12, 2010

The Audio Site Is Now Up

There it is. The site is at It's a simple site. The purpose of it is to let people -- authors, publishers and agents -- know that I can be had, I'm available, price to be discussed.

As said earlier, nothing revolutionary on SantoroReads, nothing flares, flames or screams... I don't push the darkness, it's just there. I wanted a site that's easy to navigate. I think it is. SantoroReads has obvious controls, it features audio clips from some of my stories and a few I've done for other writers. It's there to give people an easy way to contact me.

So if you happen upon it and haven't a clue who I am, have a wander, bungle about and listen. If you're there because you've heard me read in person, online or on one of my CDs and have something you've written that cries out for a voice, give me a call, send me a note, let me know.

Oh... The tree and the mist. I have no idea. It looked nice.

Eventually, I want to include some information about my upcoming writing efforts. But that's eventually. Right now I have to figure out how to fix the problem of going from the "Bio" page to the "Demo" page without bouncing back to THIS page.

FLASH UPDATE: I've fixed that little navigation glitch, yes I have. I found that after you hit "Publish to Site" or whatever, you have actually to WAIT until it publishes the material you've just added to the site before dumping out of the thing! Who'd have thought it?

Not I, obviously. And, oh yes, here's another nice picture for you to look at and to wonder why I posted here...

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