Friday, January 07, 2011


The 2011 Hugo Award Nomination period is now open.

As you may or may not know the StarShipSofa won the Hugo last year for the Best Fanzine. The first ever podcast to be nominated. The good ship then went on to win the Hugo.

Nothing has gone slack aboard the good ship and the year ahead promises to be more interesting than ever. So I see no reason to not nominate her again for BEST FANZINE.

There is one episode in particular, however, I think should be singled out for special note. The episode contains an extended interview bwtween the host, Tony C. Smith, and Jack Vance and Frederik C. Pohl. Click on the title of this post, above, or on the URL below to listen:

In particular this episode should be singled out for a nomination in the BEST RELATED WORK category. Both in their 90s, Vance and Pohl were leaders in the field when I was a kid. They remain so today. Their conversation was beyond interesting and not entirely about writing and science fiction, this was two guys who helped create a literary genre talking about life and age and time. This was history speaking.

I recommend at least you have a listen.

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