Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Now It May Be Told

If you click on the title, above, you'll be directed to the site for Silverthought Press. This June, Silverthought will publish my collection, DRINK FOR THE THIRST TO COME. Yes, this has been a kind of open secret for some time but there it is, from the computer of Mr. Silverthought, himself, Paul Hughes.

Scoot over to the site, read what's coming from this terrific publisher and drop down and have a look and listen to the "Breakfast with the Author" video. Editor Mark Brand hosting authors Davis Schneiderman and Lawrence P. Me while we suck down coffee, scarf up French toast and slurp up fresh fruit. Outside the cozy nook, Chicago's first snowfall of the season is turning the neighborhood all soft and fluffy and, around it all, Christmas is building. It was great fun.

Now Christmas is over, Valentine's Day looms and Chicago is having its first real blizzard in years.

But June is on the way!


Happy Valley said...

I'll never understand why this place only had 16 followers.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Crazy Joe. Nor do I...except for the fact that i hardly ever come here and only post when something special is happening.

All the best.