Friday, June 28, 2013

Pssst... looking for some eldritch horror for the weekend?  Just up:

What's "The Dream Quarry?" Go find out. By the way, below? That's a ghast. He and his buddies have a part in my Dream Quarry story, "God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him."  That's the stand-alone story that eventually found its way into my novel, "Just North of Nowhere," and which, as it was originally published in the Lovecraftian anthology, "Cthulhu and the Co-Eds, Kids and Squids," became my first Bram Stoker-nominated story.

That was in 2000 or so.  Looking back at the thing when I was about to send it to Alex, I only vaguely remember writing it.  Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Okay, here's what the publisher -- Alexei Collier -- says about The Dream Quarry:

What is it?

The Dream Quarry is now and will be a series of online anthologies, collections of fiction written to a theme or subject. Most material will have a weird bent.

So where are the stories?

Volume 1 is now up. (  The next volume is still being quarried from the raw strata of the collective unconscious. When the stories are ready, they will be brought into the collective consciousness which we call the internet.

Are you accepting submissions?

Submissions are currently closed to the general public. This may change in the near future.

Who is responsible for this abomination?

The Dream Quarry is curated by Alexei Collier, author and speculative fiction enthusiast.

Well, I already told you that.

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