Monday, December 28, 2009


This is what Humpty Dumpty might have called a good portmanteau post.

The print version of the novella I wrote in aid of the StarShipSofa's fund-raiser for Jeanne and Spider Robinson has arrived for my signature. I'd worried about it ever since the StarShip's editor Tony Smith told me he was mailing it to me to put hands to and autograph. Our postal service in the universe of 60657 is dodgy to say the least. Most things intended for my block seem to find their way into my slot on the expectation that I'll do the delivery. This, of course, is only my perception since many things intended for me seem to find their way into other people's slots and, eventually, get delivered to me with nasty notes wondering why the final delivery Samaritan should have bothered.

But this one arrived. Well, that little salmon slip arrived, the one that announces that a postal employee had actually come to my door -- from past experience this is no guarantee that the actual package would be at the "carrier annex" when I got there to pick it up.

At any rate: it was. I have it. I've opened it. I've looked at it. I've loved it. And, soon, I'll sign it.

All of this is NOT to disparage of the U.S. Postal Service and it's many fine employees. No. It is to remind any of you who are out there and who have NOT bought the .pdf download of LORD DICKENS...that you have until December 31, 2009, to do so and to make your contribution to Jeanne and Spider Robinson.

So go. Go to the StarShip. Click on the appropriate link in the upper right corner of your screen and buy it. You won't have to wait. You won't be subject to the vagaries of the...

But I said I'd not disparage of that semi-government agency any more.

So Happy New Year. And go buy a copy of the book! 'K?!


Anonymous said...

Seems like it would be more useful overall to write our Senators to support meaningful health insurance!?

Larry Santoro said...

First of all...I've done that. Many times. I've worked for it.

Second: the Robinson's are Canadian. Most of their health care is taken care of by the government. HOWEVER...her treatment is so expensive that the meds she needs still eat away at their finances. Also, they're not really able to work during this period.

In any event, this is an expression of support for Jeanne and Spider from the s.f. community which has to be a big morale booster by itself.