Friday, November 19, 2004

Still fussing...

Sorry. World, I'm sorry. I voted the right way. My friends did...all but two. I worked for the right guy. I even went out of state--to one of those teetering on the verge of doing the right thing and slipping into idiotry--and it came through. We came through here at home. The rest of the country, maybe 50 percent of it (after the recounts are in and adjusting for the votes we know were shuffled, tossed, missed, misplaced, stolen or otherwise missappropriated) went the wrong way and thus... Sorry. World, I'm sorry. It's not just for the next four years, its for he next...well, who knows. Maybe forever. We're slipping. Going into the void, folks; slipping into that pit we've seen countries descend into before. This is a little different. This time, I fear, this time it's forever. This time we're going into the permanent hands of the corporations world-wide; we seem to forget that once this country was about an ideal, not just safety.

Oh well.

Sorry world.