Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Visit from a Colleague...a Friend

Last week, Tycelia and I had a visit from a friend we've never met. We've done things together, we've heard each other at work. We...

Okay... Diane Severson is one of the readers at the Brit podcst site I frequent.

The place is the Starship Sofa and I recommend Diane, her voice, her delivery, her way with wordage for any of you who like to hear rather than graze your poetry or fiction. She's never read any of my things -- not aloud, not as reader or narrator -- but I'd like to correct that oversight sometime soon! She's also a fine singer of songs and her CD, "Silence," is available on iTunes. Go have a listen. Lovely stuff.

Diane, an American from Madison, Wisconsin, lives in a town in Germany that begins with an "H" with her husband Magnus, an Italian from Verona (from whence come the Montagues and the Capulets) who is a nuclear engineer. They and Diane's dad, Don, a very impressive fellow from Iowa, visited Chicago briefly last week. We took pictures. Here are a few.

The people are Diane is the young pretty one, Tycelia is the older pretty one. Magnus is the young, good-looking dude. Don is the older good-looking dude. I'm the chubby one whose head explodes in the picture at the top.

Okay. The town is Hanover.