Friday, August 14, 2009

A Quick Note

On September 3 of this year -- that's 2009, I don't get here very often -- the Science Fiction podcast site "Escape Pod" will be 'casting a story by Eugie Foster the title of which, SINNER, BAKER, FABULIST, PRIEST; RED MASK, BLACK MASK, GENTLEMAN, BEAST, is a real tweak. I love long titles. You may have noticed.

Ah. I'm narrating the thing. That's the point of this post. The story is dark, lush, richly evocative and gives me lots of nifty characters to fuss with. Love it. It's also a great story! Did I forget that in the rush to talk about my small part in bringing it to you? It is. It makes me want to read a lot more of Ms. Foster's work.

As a sidebar, I'm preparing another one of my stories for the British podcast site, Not sure when that'll be.

So. What the hell do these pictures have to do with Eugie, Escape Pod, Starship Sofa, et al?

Nothing. These are resonance photos. They get me vibrating in sync with memories, they help the past get all harmonic with the present.So, finally, to let everyone know: the new book is at about the one-quarter point in it's coming-about. As of now, the title is "Love." It won't stay that short for long. The pictures on this post are from one very real location that's been hanging in my head for years and which features prominently in the book.

The book is about becoming a human being. It's about the horrors of becoming a real live person. It's about the terrors we ditch in that time when it first dawns on us that we're alive and just before the corollary to all that joy smacks us in the face.