Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An evolving novel set in the LOST universe

Four of the LOST: FAITH authors in Chicago: L-R Wayne Allen Sallee, Lawrence Santoro, Roger Dale Trexler, Martin Mundt. Below, the late John Eveson, an author in life, a character in death...killed in the second episode, remembered in the sixth.

This is an unashamed pitch for attention.

During the December/January hiatus of ABC TV's monster hit, LOST, one of the show's websites, "The Tailsection," began posting an evolving novel, LOST: FAITH.

Set on the island, the events of LOST: FAITH take place before the crash of Oceanic 815. According to the creators of the storyline, "The idea was to craft a mythology connected to the show's locale but outside the events of the ABC program."

Here's the kicker:

It is September 11th, 2001. News of the terrorist attacks in the United States reaches the passengers aboard Pacific Blue flight 442 en-route to the US from Thailand. The flight continues as a fissure of fear, rage, and paranoia opens. Soon, the unthinkable happens...

LOST: FAITH is a collaborative project among several writers. Each author is crafting a character and an 'episode' of varying lengths.

I am pleased to be one of those writers.

My character, Maxwell Peter Donnithorne, is a world-class concert flutist who was returning to the United States from a cross-cultural seminar in Bali. Recovering gradually from the shock of the crash and his injuries, Max believes himself to have been a person apart from the mass hysteria onboard flight 442 which precipitated the crash. Gradually, he comes to realize that the island will not let him be alone here -- not even in his own skin.

Veteran horror author Wayne Allen Sallee is one of the creators of the series, a contributor and is acting as story supervisor. Other writers include Roger Trexler, Sidney Williams and Jon Lachonis.

"The Tailsection" is at:

I hope you'll stop by LOST: FAITH and have a read. It's at: