Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just another day plus...

Another few hours and the StarShipSofa benefit sale of my novella, LORD DICKENS... Hell, you know what it is! So, for the last time, on December 31, the benefit at the StarShip is over. Done. Finished. For us Unistatians, it's about 5 bucks. Come on! For you Brits, it's 2 pounds 99. I have no idea what Canadians have to shell out. But come on.

This is my first science fiction tale since I lived in Philly and wrote some decently cool stuff set in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey sometime during the 21st century and... Well, the screenplay version of it got me in to see just about everyone in LA.

Of course no one bought or produced it...

I'm babbling. All I want to say is thanks to all of you who've contributed to this project. To Skeet Scienski who illustrated it and whose cover picture for StarShipSofa Stories, Vol. 1 started it; to Dee Cunniffe who laid out the book in what seemed like an overnight turn-around; to Tony C. Smith for having the balls to give me the job; to all who've helped promote the project; to Neil and Matthew and Corey and all the others who helped get the word out; to Josh Leuze who said, "hey! someone ought to do a story about that!"; to the community at large...thanks beyond my ability to thank.

To those of you who haven't yet bought a copy! CONFOUND YOU ALL.. get your butts over to the Starship and put 5 bucks out there.

Below is the press release we've been sending everywhere...just so you know all the details...

And Happy New Year Spider and Jeanne and everyone.



The British podcast site StarShipSofa ( is working to rally the science fiction/fantasy community around Spider and Jeanne Robinson this Holiday Season with a special book offer. Jeanne Robinson suffers from a rare form of biliary cancer, the treatments for which have eaten away at the Robinson’s finances as doctors aggressively fight the to keep the disease from spreading.
To give them a helping hand, the online science fiction audio magazine has released an original three-episode novella by multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee Lawrence Santoro. StarShipSofa visitors and subscribers can hear Santoro read "Lord Dickens's Declaration" free of charge.
They may also elect to purchase an ebook of the 23,000 word novella with art by American illustrator Skeet Scienski. Priced at a minimum donation of 2.99 GBP (about $5 US), the purchaser has an option to donate more in increments of 10, 20, 50, & 100 pounds. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Robinsons.
Santoro suspended work on another writing project to write and record ‘Lord Dickens…’. “Over the years, Spider and Jeanne’s work has been a constant on my home shelf and in my memory,” he said. “Giving the Robinson’s a couple months work is small payback. Keep dancing, Jeanne!”
The "Lord Dickens..." ebook will be available for purchase only through December 31st.
Said, StarShipSofa editor Tony C. Smith, “Any fan of the Robinson's can attest to their strength, but we hope that through this time of strife, the science fiction and fantasy community can help them survive through the worst. Thank you for standing with them in their time of need."

Monday, December 28, 2009


This is what Humpty Dumpty might have called a good portmanteau post.

The print version of the novella I wrote in aid of the StarShipSofa's fund-raiser for Jeanne and Spider Robinson has arrived for my signature. I'd worried about it ever since the StarShip's editor Tony Smith told me he was mailing it to me to put hands to and autograph. Our postal service in the universe of 60657 is dodgy to say the least. Most things intended for my block seem to find their way into my slot on the expectation that I'll do the delivery. This, of course, is only my perception since many things intended for me seem to find their way into other people's slots and, eventually, get delivered to me with nasty notes wondering why the final delivery Samaritan should have bothered.

But this one arrived. Well, that little salmon slip arrived, the one that announces that a postal employee had actually come to my door -- from past experience this is no guarantee that the actual package would be at the "carrier annex" when I got there to pick it up.

At any rate: it was. I have it. I've opened it. I've looked at it. I've loved it. And, soon, I'll sign it.

All of this is NOT to disparage of the U.S. Postal Service and it's many fine employees. No. It is to remind any of you who are out there and who have NOT bought the .pdf download of LORD DICKENS...that you have until December 31, 2009, to do so and to make your contribution to Jeanne and Spider Robinson.

So go. Go to the StarShip. Click on the appropriate link in the upper right corner of your screen and buy it. You won't have to wait. You won't be subject to the vagaries of the...

But I said I'd not disparage of that semi-government agency any more.

So Happy New Year. And go buy a copy of the book! 'K?!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


That's it. I'm finished. I can now return to the novel, I can stop hauling my 'puter around with me. I can stop being a mumbling freak, I need not write and edit on the 'L' and bus. I don't have to lock myself in my office at lunch.

I hope those who listened loved it. I hope those who bought it, read with delight. I hope the money it made helped Spider and Jeanne Robinson just a bit in a very shitty time in their lives.

Now, for the rest of things...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Best of StarShipSofa 2010

Wednesday, December 9, the second installment of LORD DICKENS'S DECLARATION went up at

With it was an announcement of the nominees for "The Best of StarShipSofa" for the past year and I was surprised and delighted to hear that my short short, "Then, Just a Dream" (which won the Flash Fiction competition at the Toronto World Horror Convention in 2007), is a nominee. I was also nominated for narration...I forget how many stories of my own or other people I did during the year. Quite a few, I think. And my "Progress Reports" on the writing of LORD DICKENS... was also among the short-listed Fact offerings of the year.

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me.

Here's the full list of nominees...

Exhalation by Ted Chiang (ep #66)
The Empire of Ice Cream by Jeffery Ford (ep #94)
Mars: A Traveler’s Guide by Ruth Nestvold (ep #73)
Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons by Gord Sellar (ep #71)
Child Of An Ancient City by Tad Williams (ep #106)

Two Dreams On Trains by Elizabeth Bear (ep #100)
Jesus and the Cowboys by Jay Lake (ep #63)
Bob The Dinosaur Goes To Disneyland by Joe R Lansdale (ep #100)
Then, Just a Dream by Lawerence Santoro (ep #84)
Hard Rain by Matthew Sanborn Smith (ep #54)

Michael Bishop
Neil Gaiman
Fred Himebaugh
Norm Sherman
Laurel Winter

Mike Boris
Jim Campanella
Larry Santoro
Amy H Sturgis
Spider Robinson

Jim Campanella (Science News)
Matthew Sanborn Smith (Fiction Crawler)
Lawrence Santoro (Progress Reports)
Amy H Sturgis (History of the Genre)
Damien G Walter (Support Our Zines)

March 09 (Episode 71) - Skeet
August 09 (Episode 97) - Alllie
"The Reflection of Memory" (Episode 105) - Oleksandra Barysheva
November 09 (Episode 110) - Skeet
StarShipSofa Stories Volume 1 - Skeet

To vote, click on the title of this blog entry to go to the first page of the ballot.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Still working on LORD DICKENS...

I've just completed the text for the "Previously on..." introduction to the conclusion of LORD DICKENS'S DECLARATION. I'll record it tomorrow. That leaves only a polish edit of the episode itself and, perhaps, a final -- and very SHORT -- narrative at the end.

I've got to let this thing go. Let it be by itself for a while. Look at it again six months from now, a year... I do my best re-work that way. Anyway. I did a little colorization to the cover image. Just because.

Hope you're all going to the StarShip and that you're buying copies of the thing and that you're not just paying the minimum 2 pounds 99. Bump it up. Pay 10, 20 quid for it. Go on. It's Christmas.

LORD DICKENS'S DECLARATION - Now up and running...

With no more fanfare or ballyhoo than that tintinabulated by my hundreds of emails sent earlier this week, there it is. You can now hear the first 1 hour and 10 minutes of LORD DICKENS'S DECLARATION. You can also buy a PDF copy of the book, complete with Skeet Scienski's illustrations and have your purchase price go to help Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Go to the site, you'll hear editor Tony C. Smith tell you all about it!


And...ah HA! Word just in that one of those tintinabulations sent out this week has landed on the Tor Books online presence thanks to my old Sofanaut buddy Pablo Difendini at Tor.