Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hidden Sky


Hidden Sky by Jami Sieber

The music, if I've done this correctly is from Magnatune. To listen, just press the 'play' triangle. The album is Jami Sieber's HIDDEN SKY and, of all things, is a meditation on the elephants of Thailand.

I thought it particular to my mood today. I return to work this Monday after an extended time out to recover and to let my body adjust to some new parameters after experiencing a shot from a pair of pulmonary emboli that nearly did me in.

With a book, possibly two books, coming out in the new year and a sudden realization that this body is a temporary housing for something that could vanish like a dream, I've grown a bit more introspective, maybe gotten a bit quieter in my head and heart.

So there we have it. No photos, no videos. Not for now. Just the music. Stay and listen.