Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching Up

Just a few notes to keep the site up to date.

1. DRINK FOR THE THIRST TO COME: there will be news on this front forthcoming from Silverthought Press on November 11. 11/11/11. Appropriate. One of the tentpole stories in the collection, "Wind Shadows," is set during the First World War. Of course you understand that reference! Hopefully, jumping the gun here on the Silverthought announcement, the book will be out just before the Christmas season gets underway.

2. And pertinent to the note above, Silverthought is in "discussions" (the word is placed in quotation marks because the discussions are progressing across the internet and being translated, English to Russian, Russian to English via Babelfish and its Russian counterpart) with the artist Anton Semenov, to do the cover art for the book. I am chuffed (as Tony C. Smith might say) at the prospect. Anton is an incredible talent. You should seek him out and have a look.

2A. Silverthought has also created a facebook page for DRINK... Stop by here and "LIKE" it, please. It feartuews some of Anton's art and will soon have some audio/video snippits from the book to come.

3. Currently, the StarShipSofa's "Sofanaut" interview series features an interview with me. Go here: It's 50-some-odd minutes of chat.

4. More will follow. Really. Stop by the Facebook page for DRINK FOR THE THIRST TO COME and "LIKE" it. Really and also....

5. Stop by the Silverthought Press web site: and keep in touch.

Okay. That's it. Have a day.