Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So you've now found from whence the title comes. Here's a little about the thing itself.

Twelve stories. Little intros and/or outros to each will give the reader some idea of where the stories came from and a bit about why they were written. I'm about to post the first couple hundred words of the title tale on my website, http://www.santororeads.com/Site/Home.html It's a post-apocalyptic tale, originally written for...

Well, why spoil it? Stop by the site. When you get there, click on "Writing" on the right margin, then select: Drink for the Thirst to Come. Or of course you could just click on the title of this post. That'll take you right to it.

UPDATE: The clip from the title story is now up at SantoroReads. The section is about 2,500 words long. Enjoy. Be teased.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drink for the Thirst to Come

Love the title. Go search for it. Google should have it. Go on. I'll wait...

It's a line I read in an old, old book a long, long time ago. It got stuck in there and I never jogged it free.

When an editor asked nine other writers and me to write ten linked tales set in a near-future post-apocalyptic world, the line jumped at me; seemed perfect for where my head was going.

That book never happened.

So now I'm putting together a collection of my own stores. Drink for the Thirst to Come will be one within it.

At present the collection is a heaving biomass, 135,000 words thick; seventeen stories in foment, waiting for the butcher's release.

They're good tales. Some have been published, others have nearly gone to press as was the case with Drink... Some I just wrote and put aside waiting for this book.

I hope it will be out by Halloween, by World Fantasy, 2010. I'd love to release it there. If not... Then not.

Again, watch for the book. Drink for the Thirst to Come. Grand, dark fun.