Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Drink..." at the Pre-Release Price!

I rushed that image below onto the site but I do want to say that my collection, "Drink for the Thirst to Come," is now available for pre-release ordering from Silverthought Press. Click on the title above to be shuffled off too the order page. The price for the next week or so will be $12.99. Once it goes on sale, the cost skyrockets to $14.99.

I love the cover image. It's by a Russian artist, Anton Semenov. Anton is 27 and lives in Bratsk, Irkutsk--which we all remember from hours of RISK-playing. The final form of the covers, front and back, fonts, etc., might change slightly, but Anton's work just sings. That image makes a resonant statement about the title story and the book as a whole.

Here is the logline that will eventually appear somewhere on the cover or inside the book:

"Here There Be Monsters: The fifteen stories of Drink for the Thirst to Come lead the reader into the darkest corners of the imagination. The people who inhabit these places are demons or angels; here, life ends horribly or stretches to the darkest eternity. Here, the world dies whimpering, ends with a bang, or goes down with the clack of a billion tiny teeth. Here, you’ll find all the standard tropes, vampires, zombies, ghosts, ghouls. You may not recognize them, not right away. They might be standing in a quiet corner or walking in a sunny field or seated next to you on a bus, they might be pulling up to the gas pump or, hell, they might be you, sitting there, reading the book."

So why are you still here? Go. Buy. Wait. Rejoice. Read.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Drink for the Thirst to Come

A reminder: Chicago. 11/11/11. Tonight. 7 to 9. Bad Grammar Theater. 1743 South Halsted Street. Readings. I'll be reading from "Drink for the Thirst to Come." Now available for pre-order from Silverthought Press.