Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A New Year

Just to let the world know, I've been to Bluffton again. My first visit in about 8 years. The place is different; seems tipped. The outsiders have taken it and shuffled their urban upscale reality with the old town, sprinkled it with nostalgia and tried to fit themselves into the pattern. Don't know if it will work. Maybe, come the day, when we run out of cheap energy... Oh enough of that. Go read Jim Kunstler ("The Geography of Nowhere" for example), then project that onto Bluffton. In any event, I finished the story I started before going. I'm not particularly fond of it. We'll see. The title is "Fatty Borgos and the Eternal Wisdom of the Burma Shave People." I think I haven't gotten to the kernel of the story. It probably needs either to be thrown out, gutted and rebuilt or made to be a story sequence.

Well, Happy New Year world.

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