Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Question for My Readers

Let me prep you:

The expanded, 'author's cut' of my first novel, "Just North of Nowhere" is currently available on Kindle for $4.99. It's a big generous book, a five-star, dark fantasy set in a small town in the upper Midwest and deals with...

Well, go have a look. You can go here: Or you can just click on the headline, "A Question for My Readers," above.
The mood, the atmosphere, the characters are in the Bradbury vein and it's a good read for just about everyone in the family.
The question: it's $4.99. Would you pick it up if it were, say $1.99?

Let me know. Stop by my Facebook page, send an email. Call. And, if you like the book, please consider giving it a review.

And don't forget "Drink for the Thirst to Come." That's up there, too.

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