Thursday, June 09, 2011

Now on Kindle...

"Just north of Nowhere" is now up on Kindle. In addition, Smashwords has it on several e-book platforms (am I using that term correctly? Probably not...). Anyway, you can now get the e-dition of JNoN with about 10 thousand more words than ever before. Well, okay, it was about 10K words longer before we decided to cut them to save paper and to keep the book from costing another 4, 5 bucks at the cash register. Anyway. Now it's all back and al for under 5 bucks. $4.99 in fact. Just click on the post title, above, "Now on Kindle..." Go on.

As a side note, my poem, DOWN, is now out there on the StarShipSofa. Please stop by and listen to Diane Severson's monthly segment, Poetry Planet. This month she presents 10 first-contact-themed poems from 9 incredible writers and me. Farther aside: host/editor/publisher/producer Tony C. Smith does an hour-long interview with me.

AND there's part 2 of a Michael Moorcock novella on there too!

Go. www.staarshipsofa.come Listen. Enjoy.

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