Friday, May 19, 2006

One of the Sights at WHC 2006

The Boy George of Genre

This isn't what I meant when I mentioned the hyper-testosteroned lads of WHC, below, but it is another reason to think about World Horror in the way that one might consider bungie-jumping without a cord. This fellow's name is Wilum H. Pugmire the working partner of Jessica Amanda Salmonson. He writes pretty decent Lovecraftian stories. Has the Lovecraft patois down pat.


Mel said...

Heh. I can't even decide the gender of that person.
What character were they portraying, do you know?

Larry Santoro said...

Oh, he was just being a he...and that he just being himself.

Neither World Horror nor World Fantasy are dress-up cons. They're mostly working gatherings for writers in the genre(s). There are those, however, who just feel the need to stretch a point.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Actually, Mel, Larry is right and wrong. For Wilum, that might have been Thursday's outfit (or Friday's, whatever). He dresses in a mix of punk/Harry Potter/Cher.

Anonymous said...

actually, my look is a combo of boy george and punk transvestism. the only thig i have in common with cher is no tits. hey, y'all, RAMSEY CAMPBELL (!!!) is special guest at this year's H. P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL!!! be there or be euclidean. love from hopfrog,