Friday, May 05, 2006

...the Wedding

...the reception at least
Being old enough to be our own parents, this was a do-it-yourself -do from invitations to vows. Well, okay, we didn't make the grub. We invited a few close friends to come have a meal with us at a local restaurant we both like. We loved it and I believe everyone had a grand time. DVDs are available! There will be more anon.


Mel said...

I knew she'd be beautiful. :)
You guys are just great, with the newlywed glow beaming out of you...
flying visit here, because a friend's stopping by to take me out for drinks. Honest to Bob, I'll try real hard to stop by again while it's still this date.

Larry Santoro said...

Yea, sure, sure SHE's beautiful. But what about ME?!

No, no...just kidding. Tycelia is wondrous fair, 'passing beauty.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I wanted so bad to be there. Ann Sather's, right? It sucks living in this body during the winter, my friend.

Larry Santoro said...

Yep. Ann Sather's. A lovely Swedish restaurant, that began life in the 1940s as a coffee shop in a space that eventually became a pet store that seemed to have specialized in spiders, rodents and snakes.

Sather's moved two doors west just after I moved to Chicago. It's now in classy digs -- a former funeral home with a black marble exterior.

Great grub AND Tycelia is half Swedish.

Ah. The spider shop? The owners, drug dealers on the side, vanished one weekend after opening their cages and setting free the creepy and crawly.

Damn it, Wayne! You did it this time! I AM turning into you!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

My job in this universe is completed! I must move on now to an Earth in a different vibrational frequency! Been nice knowin ya!